A game of deceptively cute characters

...with dangerous motives.

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About The Game

Rushin' Roulette® is a high-stakes card game of strategy and luck. Each player has a team of characters taking turns pulling a revolver's trigger and the last one standing wins.

Rushin' Roulette Cards

It's easy to learn, quick to play, and fun for the whole family!

How It Works

Each Player starts with 3 Character Cards

Rushin' Roulette Character Cards

Load Up!

Set your Ammo Card

Rushin' Roulette Ammo Cards

Choose Wisely

SAFE Cards can save your team

Rushin' Roulette Card Breakdown

while DANGEROUS Cards can take out your opponents

What's Next?

Depending on the Ammo Card flipped, different Character Abilities will activate

Rushin' Roulette Character Cards

Stay Alive!

If your team is the last one standing, you win!

Rushin' Roulette Gif

The Game Is...

Rushin' Roulette Review

Rushin' Roulette Review
Rushin' Roulette Review
Rushin' Roulette Review